Steps to Make Your Doctor’s Office a Safe & Clean Environment

Doctor’s office cleaning services are more than just emptying the trash cans and wiping down the surfaces. There’s a lot that go into the regularly cleaning of these offices to not only ensure that the area is properly cleaned, but also to prevent any disease or germs from spreading further and infecting visitors and staff. … Continued

Why Medical Facility Cleaning Services are Vital for Your Healthcare Office

One thing that patients and loved ones take note of when they enter a healthcare office is the cleanliness. It can be a positive insight into the level of care they’ll experience, or a bad omen in that the facility needs some much-needed cleaning and there may be more under the surface. Medical facility cleaning … Continued

How Healthcare Systems Benefit from Partnering with One Cleaning Company for Multiple Locations

  EnviroClean has partnered with several large healthcare systems to provide janitorial and facility services for a number of geographically dispersed medical facilities and offices. These healthcare systems strongly prefer to contract with a single cleaning company rather than multiple vendors for multiple facilities. The advantages can be summed up in three Cs – cost … Continued