Office and Building Cleaning

Your employees and customers deserve the best, which is why you should depend on EnviroClean for your office and building cleaning. A clean workplace is a happy workplace, and it encourages employees to be productive and efficient in their day-to-day tasks. It also displays that your company cares about the health and safety of its workers. These points are invaluable to companies that thrive off of productivity and motivation.

A Staff that is Committed to Your Company

EnviroClean offers comprehensive cleaning services to offices and buildings throughout the state of New Jersey. No job is too big or too small for our crew, and we give each project the same care and attention to detail. Our employees are screened and professionally trained by our company, and you can expect that they will treat your office space with the utmost respect and dignity. We work around busy agendas and provide convenient cleaning services that accommodate YOUR schedule.

Green Cleaning at its Finest

What makes EnviroClean a cut above the rest is that we are on the forefront of a Green Cleaning movement. All of the products that we use are gentle on the environment and contain no VOCs. They are nontoxic and biodegradable, and we intend to grow our list of products with environmentally friendly options that suit the needs of all industries. Whether you are a healthcare facility that requires hospital grade cleaning solutions or a small office looking to create a healthy and safe work environment, we have the environmentally friendly and effective products for your space. Additionally, our program goes a step further to protect and preserve the planet by improving indoor air quality, using recyclable products and minimizing exposure to toxic elements.

EnviroClean is committed to sustaining the environment, and by choosing us, your business is too.