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At EnviroClean Janitorial & Building Services, we aim to provide a clear-cut plan to cleaning and disinfecting your facility. Using the latest eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and disinfecting practices, we can ensure that your facility will get exactly what it needs with our commercial cleaning services.

We specialize in various levels of cleaning across numerous industries throughout the Northeast, whether it’s a doctor’s office, a commercial warehouse, an office building, or even a massive stadium. Each job gets the same level of attention-to-detail to provide a clean and safe space for employees and customers.

Our team can work alongside any schedule or need, to assist with your facility’s cleaning while staying out of the way and not interfering with the flow of your business. We can design a detailed plan with cleaning your facility

Designing a cleaning plan is the first step of the process. We can take into account your needs, budget, and hours of operation to design a plan that’s unique to you and your facility and to ensure that the important areas are focused on and properly cleaned and disinfected. 

We can tailor your plan to meet the needs of your budget. We can outline our plan to help reduce costs while tackling the most important areas with your facility to ensure that they’re well taken care of. 

Conscious cleaning for a brighter tomorrow.

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Medical Cleaning Services

Our team is certified with medical cleaning practices to ensure that your medical facility is properly cleaned and disinfected to meet specific CDC, JCAHO, OSHA, and HIPAA guidelines. We focus our efforts on the high-traffic areas that are known to collect and house bacteria. We also pay very close attention to examination rooms and restrooms to ensure that they’re clean and sanitary.

Nightly Cleaning Services

It’s common for facilities to be cleaned overnight. We specialize in these services with disinfection, floor care and cleaning, waste disposal, as well as vacuuming. Our goal is to leave your facility spotless so when you arrive in the morning, you’ll be pleased with our work.

Our Green Cleaning Approach

Using environmentally friendly cleaning products has numerous benefits. On top or providing sufficient cleaning and disinfecting, it also doesn’t leave behind any toxic fumes that could lead to health complications if inhaled, as well as the negative effects that these chemicals have on the environment. 

It’s our way of providing impeccable service while doing our part to curb the effects of climate change while reducing harmful emissions.

Begin Your Cleaning Journey with EnviroClean

Now that you’re a little more familiar with our approach and how we work, you’re ready to determine if we’re the right match to help you with cleaning and building services. 

You can easily get in touch with us to let us know about the size of your facility and the services that you require. We’ll come up with a detailed plan that aligns with your budget and needs. We can ensure that your facility will be thoroughly cleaned and spotless once our team is complete with the task.


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