Doctor’s Office Cleaning

We Give Your Facility a Clean Bill of Health. Literally.

Detailed cleaning every single day is critical to keeping your doctor’s office running smoothly and your patients safe. Doctor’s office cleaning requires more than basic dusting and mopping. We disinfect areas where disease spreads like door handles, light switches, and air vents. In addition to reducing the risk of illness, detailed cleaning can lead to better patient survey scores and online reviews.

We provide a clean environment for the staff and patients at a wide range of healthcare practices, such as pediatricians, dentists, optometry, dermatology, chiropractic, physical therapy, oncology, urology, and plastic surgery. Staying true to our commitment to environmentally responsible cleaning, we only use hospital-grade, eco-friendly products with no harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or toxic elements. We strive to ensure that our doctor’s office cleaning practices are comprehensive and gratifying.

Preventing and Controlling Infections

Germs, bacteria, organisms, and contaminants can quickly spread through a medical facility, leading to central line-associated bloodstream infections and other healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), as well as exposure to C-Difficile infections. EnviroClean follows CDC guidelines for infection control and meets government standards for cleanliness and safety when it comes to doctor’s office cleaning.

Providing Continuous Quality Control

In addition to providing our staff with checklists to ensure that your facility is being cleaned properly every night, a supervisor will perform periodic on-site inspections during the day. Having another set of eyes evaluate the cleanliness of your space allows us to proactively identify existing deficiencies and potential problems and take the appropriate action.

Reducing the Risk of Negative Feedback

When people spend time waiting in an exam room or waiting room, they can see how clean the facility is. Many patients reference cleanliness when they leave reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other platforms. Our highly detailed cleanings, backed up by ongoing supervision and evaluation, can reduce the risk of negative reviews and low scores on patient surveys.

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