Floor Care Services

In addition to carpet cleaning, we provide maintenance services for stone, ceramic tile, and VCT flooring. We don’t just surface clean, either. EnviroClean is responsible for all the details, including sealing, polishing and restoring your fine flooring. Our technicians are well versed in the various types of commercial flooring, allowing them to offer impeccable floor care services across the board. When our work is complete, we can guarantee that your facility will look brand new.

Spray Buffing

VCT tile is durable and often the preferred flooring in many commercial spaces, however it can also become plagued with scuff marks in high traffic areas. Fortunately, a spray buffing treatment is an excellent way to remove surface marks while building up existing layers of wax. This is also a preferred method of maintaining your VCT floor shine in between your annual stripping and waxing maintenance. EnviroClean has top-of-the-line equipment and floor care services that make spray buffing treatments fast and effective.

Our technicians use high-speed machines with pads that provide enough mechanical action to smooth the finish on the flooring while removing unsightly marks. We then apply a high-gloss finish that gives the flooring a high-end, sophisticated appearance. Safety is also a prime concern of ours, which is why our technicians pay close attention to detail and make sure that your VCT has the proper finish necessary for your space.

Top Scrub/Recoat

The purpose of top or auto scrubbing is to remove heavy soil, stains and scuff marks that are common in high-traffic areas. Using high-quality cleaning solutions, our technicians start by removing the top layers of the soiled floor finish in order to prepare the flooring for a recoating. We then recoat the flooring so that it’s restored to like-new condition. You’ll find that after a top scrub and recoat, your flooring will once again shine like new.

VCT Stripping and Waxing

Vinyl composite tile (VCT) is an excellent choice for commercial applications because of its durability, affordability and ease of maintenance. However, you still need to care for them, otherwise your floors can start to discolor and lose their non-slip quality. To restore VCT, a stripping and waxing treatment is necessary routine maintenance.

Our technicians completely remove your old wax and soil using a mechanical buffer and stripping solution. Next, we mop clean your floors to remove any excess solution or debris. If there are any damaged tiles, we will notify you at this time as well. Finally, we apply various coats of premium wax to your floors for a shiny, glass like finish. Our innovative equipment is fast and efficient so that you can have safe and high gloss VCT floors in no time!