Carpet Cleaning Companies NJ

We know how important it is for your business to have flooring that looks great. A clean, well maintained floor is sure to be recognized by employees and customers, and has a positive effect on the integrity of your business. In an era where first impressions are everything, you never want to sacrifice the reputation and image of your business by having a floor that is not properly cared for.

Located in Central New Jersey, EnviroClean offers convenient top-of-the-line floor and carpet care for businesses of all sizes. While regular vacuuming is certainly beneficial in between deep cleaning treatments, there comes a time when all flooring surfaces require deeper cleaning that targets soil, stains and dirt. Carpet, for instance, acts as a filter for these particles and allows them to collect in the fibers over time. A deep cleaning removes these particles, revitalizes the carpet and leads to an improved indoor air quality. Without regular maintenance, many office floors will start to show “traffic lanes” in their carpeting. This is from the constant abuse and dirt the carpeting takes on a daily basis. By scheduling routine care, your carpeting will not only remain looking new, but will extend its eventual replacement for years.

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Carpet Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning a carpet is an effective way to help remove soil spots and stains. Since the carpet fibers collect dirt, sand and allergens, it’s common for these particles to also start causing odors. These odors are soon released into the air we breathe, and it can have a negative impact on the smell and cleanliness of your business. Air fresheners only cover up or mask odors. Carpet bonnet cleaning helps remove odors and dirt while keeping your carpet looking new.

During our visit, our technicians will pre-treat, deodorize and use state-of-the-art equipment and supplies that spin and release a small amount of carpet cleaner into the fibers to attract soil and remove deep stains. The carpeting is then extracted to remove any excess dirt, allergens and moisture. What you are left with is a bright, vibrant, like-new carpet that smells great, too! Carpet bonnet cleaning is fast, easy and affordable. It can be used as part of a regular maintenance plan to keep your carpet in pristine condition.

Carpet Extraction

Carpet extraction is a popular method of carpet cleaning that uses hot water and solution rather than steam. We will pre-treat stubborn stains and then in one pass apply a hot water solution directly to the carpet. This helps to loosen and dissolve any dirt, sand or allergens embedded in the carpet. In another pass of the machine the loose dirt and grime is then “extracted” into a separate recovery system tank leaving your carpets healthy and clean. This is often a preferred method of cleaning because of its ability to extract dirt and debris while maintaining the integrity of the carpet fibers. Also, since only a small amount of cleaning solution is needed, it reduces chemicals and toxins in the workplace. Carpet extraction is recommended as a regular maintenance of high traffic areas to help eliminate unsightly “traffic lanes”.