How Healthcare Systems Benefit from Partnering with One Cleaning Company for Multiple Locations


EnviroClean has partnered with several large healthcare systems to provide janitorial and facility services for a number of geographically dispersed medical facilities and offices. These healthcare systems strongly prefer to contract with a single cleaning company rather than multiple vendors for multiple facilities. The advantages can be summed up in three Cs – cost savings, consistency, and confidence.

Cost Savings

Naturally, EnviroClean has the ability to bring costs down for a healthcare system when cleaning multiple healthcare and medical facilities. This applies to both labor and janitorial supply costs. From the healthcare system’s perspective, contracting with a single cleaning company makes budgeting more predictable. They only have to manage a single relationship, process a single invoice, and monitor the scope of services for a single vendor.


EnviroClean delivers consistency in both scope of services and service quality. Patients, doctors, nurses, and staff who visit multiple locations in the healthcare system won’t see a discrepancy in cleanliness. That’s because all EnviroClean staff receive the same training according to our high standards and strict industry regulations. We also troubleshoot and address cleaning issues at each facility and apply what we learn to drive constant improvement across every location.


By partnering with EnviroClean for cleaning services for all locations within a healthcare system, these organizations gain confidence in our people and our services.

  • They have confidence that our staff has been properly vetted, background checked, and trained.
  • They have confidence that we can work alongside their doctors, nurses, staff, and patients.
  • They have confidence that they’ll be able to contact us should an issue arise, and that we’ll respond quickly to resolve the issue the first time.
  • They have confidence that we have the resources to grow with the healthcare system through mergers and acquisitions and provide professional cleaning services from day one.

EnviroClean takes pride in not only contracting to clean multiple locations for large healthcare systems, but also in developing long-term partnerships with these organizations to create a healthy, safe environment.

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