Why Exterior Commercial Cleaning Service Has Never Been More Important

Since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, there probably hasn’t been much traffic heading into your office. Most employees were working from home. Customer and vendor visits were far less frequent if not non-existent. Even postal workers and shipping companies didn’t have mail and packages to deliver on a daily basis.

Because foot traffic has been so light, many companies and property managers have put off cleaning their outdoor space or neglected those areas completely. Now that more and more people are heading into the office, how do you think they’ll feel about walking inside if the property looks dirty on the outside?

While most organization are focusing on office disinfection and providing a safe workspace on the inside, exterior spaces are likely to be used more than ever.

More Traffic, Better First Impressions

If your commercial property has an outdoor picnic area, many people will feel more comfortable having lunch and taking breaks outside to reduce the risk of infection. Cleaning these areas will reduce the likelihood of employees going off-campus for lunch each day. Tables, chairs, and garbage receptacles, as well as doors, windows, and entryways, should be cleaned more frequently than they were pre-COVID.

Having your commercial cleaning service spend more time cleaning the exterior of your facility will not only give employees and visitors more peace of mind, but it also reflects more positively on your company or property.

For example, deep cleaning and power washing a dumpster enclosure will remove an eyesore that could potentially cause someone to think less of your organization. Removing mildew and moss from walls, walkways, pavers, and sidewalks will set a positive tone as people approach your offices. All can be maintained by a full-service commercial cleaning service like EnviroClean.

Now that you’re finally reopening, you’ve gone to great lengths to create a safe, clean office space on the inside. Let us help you take the same approach to the outside of the building!

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