Need a New Cleaning Company for Your Medical Facility? Ask These 5 Questions First.

Major hospitals, small healthcare providers, pharmaceutical labs, and other medical facilities have more complex cleaning requirements than the average office space. You need to partner with a commercial cleaning company that’s capable of meeting the expectations of senior leadership, doctors and nurses, office staff, and patients.

If you want to find out if a commercial cleaning company is the right fit for your medical facility, start by asking these five questions.

1) What is your service area and how much volume can you handle?

This is especially important for large hospitals and medical groups with multiple locations. Hiring a different cleaning company for each facility means more relationships to manage and inconsistencies in cleaning quality. Look for a commercial cleaning company that offers regional coverage and the resources and manpower to service every facility in your network.

2) Do you have specific protocols and cleaning equipment for different areas of a medical facility?

The cleaning company should know, for example, that very specific cleaning agents and wipes are required to a clean a mixing room in a facility that mixes its own chemotherapies or drugs. They should also use color-coded towels to prevent cross-contamination, while signage should be used to reduce the risk of falls. Find out if they offer electrostatic cleaning to ensure that disinfectant fully covers and adheres to the surface.

3) Is your staff experienced with PPE?

Certain areas within a medical facility may require cleaning teams to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). The cleaning company’s staff should be trained to safely don (put on), doff (take off), and dispose of PPE, including hair dressing, gowns, booties, gloves, and eye protection.

4) What is the procedure if I have an issue that needs to be addressed?

At a hospital or medical facility, problems can’t go unresolved for weeks or even days. Look for a commercial cleaning company that offers multiple lines of communication, including phone, email, text, and video. Prior to the first cleaning, the cleaning company should work with you to document a process for communicating and resolving any concerns or problems. With EnviroClean, you’ll always have direct access to the owner of the company.

5) How do you manage quality control?

Ideally, there will be multiple layers of supervision and monitoring so you have different sets of eyes evaluating the work at your facility on a rotating basis. This will prevent small issues from slipping through the cracks. Also, make sure the cleaning company’s staff is trained to meet your standards every single time.

More Questions?

EnviroClean specializes in cleaning hospital networks and medical facilities across the Tri-State area, offering a level of transparency, quality control, and accountability that few in the industry can match. All services and cleaning protocols can be customized to suit your unique requirements and preferences.

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