The Benefits of Office Janitorial Services

Happy Employees are Productive Employees

A happy employee is usually a more productive employee. When you hire professionals for commercial janitorial services, your employees can focus on their work and accomplish all of their tasks at hand.

Now more than ever, employees do not want to have to worry about cleaning or disinfecting their workspace. Employees are looking for enhanced cleaning protocols as we adjust to the new normal of a post-pandemic work environment.

They expect that their employer will provide a clean and safe working environment each day they are back in the office. Finding and retaining the best labor is challenging right now. New and existing employees are less eager to return to the office if the space is not being kept clean.

They are demanding that their employers provide a commercial space that is both safe and healthy. We can help to make sure that your employees are feeling safe and comfortable returning to the office by creating and maintaining the healthy environment they are demanding.

EnviroClean Building Service professionals will clean and disinfect your office, and leave the workspace ready for the next work day. Our staff are fully trained professionals who understand your scope of services, expectations, and security procedures. There are several important benefits of having office janitorial services with your facility.

Save Time and Money

Hiring janitorial cleaning service professionals always comes at an additional cost, however hiring the right professionals will often provide a return on your investment. In today’s labor environment, employees do not expect to be responsible for additional office maintenance and tasks. Hiring the right building services company can save your company time and resources by not having to call multiple service providers.

EnviroClean Building Services not only provides you with keeping your office safe and clean, but we are your one-stop provider for all of your office and building services. We assist our customers with their floor care, consumable supplies, painting, maintenance, etc. Let us take care of your entire office so that your employees can focus on their work and maximize their productivity.

What is Clean?

The definition of a “clean office” has certainly changed in recent years. The basic scope of services you’ve received in the past is no longer the acceptable norm for your employees, patients, or customers.

Nightly disinfecting, dusting, and sanitizing are not only expected but required. Your service provider should be creating a custom plan based on many factors such as your type of facility, how many employees you have in the workspace, your physical location, and the needs of your employees, patients, and customers.

For example, are you a healthcare provider that treats immune compromised patients? Or do you have a manufacturing facility that creates additional dust or brings in warehouse dirt and grease into your office space? Maybe you have employees that suffer from chronic health conditions or allergies?  These are all important factors when creating and executing the proper scope of janitorial cleaning services for your office or building.

In addition to creating the proper nightly scope of services, it’s just as important to maintain your floors, vents, and other critical areas that require ongoing attention. Have you been cleaning and maintaining your carpets, entry mats and floors to remove any embedded dirt and allergens? Is the tile and grout in your bathrooms being deep cleaned to remove bacteria and odors? Are your HVAC vents and filters being cleaned and replaced regularly?

Cleaning office and buildings requires more than just the nightly scope in order to keep your staff healthy and safe. EnviroClean Janitorial & Building Service professionals continue to be the preferred partner for medical facilities, office buildings, and companies throughout the Northeast.

Office Janitorial Services Can Provide Better First Impressions

Is your lobby free of cobwebs and leaves? Are your front entry glass doors clean? Does the exterior of your building have mildew or mold? Is your parking lot litter free? First impressions continue to be lasting impressions.

The cleanliness of your lobby and exterior often defines your business and the image you project. These are critical areas that need to be thoroughly cleaned and maintained throughout the year so that your customers, patients and employees know you care about their health and safety.

EnviroClean Janitorial and Building Services understands that the exterior and entry to your building is just as important as your inside space and we have the tools to keep it looking pristine.


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