4 Cleaning Tips to Make Your Team Feel Safer as You Reopen Your Office

Organizations that are bringing people back to the office, whether on a full-time, part-time, or as-needed basis, must be sensitive to the needs and concerns of their employees and customers.

People can tell almost instantly if an area has been cleaned. Perhaps more important, people can tell almost instantly if an area has not been cleaned.

Employers need to recognize that the investments made in an office cleaning service could have a direct impact on their ability to attract and retain employees. You have to make your team feel safe and comfortable.

Here are four ways your company can do just that.

1) Schedule More Frequent Cleaning

Think about how people are often required to put on a mask, have their temperature taken, or use hand sanitizer just to enter a facility. People who travel to certain areas are often required to be tested for COVID before they can return to work or school.

Given the current COVID reality, some offices may require more frequent cleanings depending on the type of facility and the level of traffic. For example, an office space that was being cleaned once or twice per week may need to bump up cleaning frequency to three or four per week to maintain a higher standard of cleanliness.

2) Plan More Frequent Deep Cleanings

Daily vacuuming of carpets is important, but deeper cleaning is required to extract substances that a vacuum can’t. Similarly, the job of a mop is to wipe up materials and lay down disinfectant. However, a mop isn’t abrasive enough to remove substances that are caked onto the floor or within the corners of textured tile and grout.

Daily cleanings are essential, but deeper cleaning must be more frequent to remove visible signs of uncleanliness that routine cleaning protocols aren’t designed to address.

3) Show Proof of Cleaning

Post signs that say a room or surface has been cleaned and when it was cleaned. Show a checklist that illustrates what was cleaned and how it was cleaned. Maintain an old-fashioned paper log of cleaning tasks or use a mobile app to track activity. A good office cleaning service will work with you to generate this information.

Visible proof of cleaning provides accountability and can give your staff and customers peace of mind.

4) Be Transparent About Your Office Cleaning Service and Protocols

In addition to tracking and posting office cleaning activity, tell your team who is cleaning your office. Explain why you’ve partnered with this office cleaning service. List their qualifications. Share their cleaning protocols to show your staff and customers exactly how your office is being cleaned.

Even if they don’t read this information, transparency into your commercial cleaning investment can go a long way towards earning confidence in your company.

Let us help you show your employees and customers that your organization is committed to their safety. Contact us today to request a quote on a customized office cleaning plan.